About the Author

I am a Christian, a husband, a Pastor, and a lifelong sports fan.  I currently serve as Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Chelsea, Michigan.  Previously, I served for 10 years as pastor of Sherman Oaks Lutheran Church in Los Angeles.

Two of my greatest passions in life are the Bible and Sport.  When I need to escape the world for a moment, I usually either find myself reading God’s Word, checking out the box scores of the day’s games, or perusing the articles on MLB Trade Rumors.  One day it dawned on me; what if there was a place to go to do both; to reflect on God’s Word and lose myself in the world of sports?  What if there was a place where sports fans could read God’s Word while reading about their favorite pastime?  From that thought, A Lamp unto My Cleats was born.  

The primary goal of this site is to hear about God’s Word through the stories and reflections of professional baseball players, as they reveal to us their favorite Bible verses, what those verses mean to them, and how those verses have helped them in their lives.  I hope their stories help and inspire you as your live out your own.

I also hope that you will use these stories as a way to talk about your faith with others.  As you talk about the game and about teams and players in these posts, I hope you will share their stories and use their stories to bring up God’s Word and the good news of the Gospel.

I hope and pray that you enjoy your time here, escape from the world for a bit, are touched by God through His Word, and become better equipped to share the Good News of Jesus.