Tage Thompson – Trusting His Plan

As the puck drops on the 2019-2020 NHL Season, A Lamp unto My Cleats will focus on Hockey for the next few months. We will kick off the season by featuring some exclusive content from Tage Thompson, Blake Lizotte, and Josiah Slavin! “God writes straight with crooked lines.” This old saying – which is sometimes … Continue reading Tage Thompson – Trusting His Plan

Brandon Graham – Life Lessons from Mom and Dad

    Young Brandon Graham was like any other kid.  Full of life.  Full of energy.  And, sometimes, he could be a handful. His mother, Tasha Graham, recalls on a video entitled "Brandon Graham's Story;" “We would always go to my Auntie’s house and they had a bird.  And it would always call Brandon’s name … Continue reading Brandon Graham – Life Lessons from Mom and Dad