Jordy Mercer – Strength in the Midst of Change

    When you go through a series of change, it can be a lot to handle; even if those changes are good ones. For Jordy Mercer, 2012 was a great example.  As a kid growing up in Oklahoma, Mercer’s dream was to one day become a major league baseball player.  In 2008, he was … Continue reading Jordy Mercer – Strength in the Midst of Change

Andrew McCutchen – Romans 8:28

"Not as much as I should." It was August 1st, 2013.  The Pittsburgh Pirates were holding what would become their first annual Faith Night; providing players the opportunity to share their Christian Faith with their fans.  A little boy named Dylan stood before Andrew McCutchen and asked a profound question; "How many times have you … Continue reading Andrew McCutchen – Romans 8:28