Ben Revere – A Little Guy with Big Dreams

    5’9’’ Ben Revere never thought he would ever be able to play major league baseball - ever. His goal was simply to play college baseball.  During his senior year of high school, Division 1 colleges like University of Georgia, Florida, Florida State, and Miami showed interest in him.  It appeared that his dream … Continue reading Ben Revere – A Little Guy with Big Dreams

Carson Wentz: Strength on the Sideline

    On February 4, 2018, millions of people had their eyes fixed on U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, as the Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 in Super Bowl LII.  As we watched Nick Foles lead the Eagles on the field, however, something amazing was also happening on the sidelines. Carson Wentz. Wentz … Continue reading Carson Wentz: Strength on the Sideline

Marcus Johnson; Baptized Into Christ

    The week of October 8, 2017, is one that Eagle’s receiver, Marcus Johnson, will never forget. It was the week he went viral for a reason he never expected. It was a week that nearly never happened. Like many young men, Marcus Johnson grew up in the church, but gradually drifted away from … Continue reading Marcus Johnson; Baptized Into Christ